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LatAm Services.

Consulting and Strategic Planning

Aligning communications strategies with business exigencies; what are the risks and opportunities of the same, what is the business problem/issue we are trying to address?  Our consultancy is based around the identification of the top 12 issues facing business, and corresponding media strategies.  All our media strategies respond to business exigencies, and are equally measurable.

Global and LatAm launches

Latin America is (wonderfully) different – agreed. But this doesn’t mean that international campaigns cannot work here. It simply means that content and delivery may need to be adapted, local nuances may need to be considered, and local relevance brought to the surface. We’ll never tell you what won’t work here; we’ll only talk about what will!

Media and influencer relations

It’s all about the intersect; how can we create value for journalists, editors, analysts and other influencers, while meeting our clients’ objectives? We are constantly looking for that shared terrain where everyone benefits; whether that’s through exclusive content, access, first looks, rapid responses, shared insights, or co-creation . . .  Take a look here to find out more:

Content development

We tell stories that relate to our clients’ audiences. And we’ll tell your’s.  It may not only be about your product (much as we may love it!), but if the World has yet to notice, we need to create content about what they do care about, and then work back from there.  This is the essence of our approach to content development; first build relevance with your audience, and then tell them about your proposition.

Audiovisual creation and Podcasts

It’s all about storytelling; from still images (can we embed the brand somewhere?), to shareable films (is it about the audience, is there a call to action, does it have the right element of provocation?). And please, a feature film for us is 60 seconds . . . . so don’t ask for more!

In addition, our clients’ stories are increasingly being told across digital, visually, through participative content, through books, ebooks and Podcasts . . . . . even, experientially.

Whichever format your audiences prefers, we’ll create, re-purpose, adapt and propagate your story to them. And if it works properly, your audience will end up telling your story on your behalf!

Social media management

Yes, you can earn it – despite what they tell you! Behind every social media feed and trending story, there are . . .  real people. The very people we want to relate to and connect with. Our approach is to tell stories about them; social media’s favourite topic.  And one guaranteed to breach the filter bubble.

Spokespeople training and crisis simulation

We help people tell these stories on the audiences’ terms, we help them gain access to the people they want to influence, we help them engage and build relationships with these audiences, and we help them sell.  Such relationships are invaluable, not only when we want to promote our brands, but when we need to defend it; it’s always best to develop friendships before you need them – just like in real life.

Internal communications

There’s no such thing really; what goes on in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas . . .  Your employees are your biggest advocates and can be your biggest detractors.  You’ll need to brings them along on your journey; they’ll shout, share, protest, praise, engage . . . regardless.  Your best bet is to make them a part of the story; just like any audience, employees’ favourite subject is themselves.

Content marketing

Great content is only as good as the number of – relevant – people who read it.  But today, even reading it not sufficient, audiences have to respond, react, share, comment, engage . . . how on earth do you make them do that?  Whatever ‘gaming’ strategies paid content agencies propose, the truth is that people only read unsolicited content for four reasons:

  1. Entertainment; to be amused, gratified and satisfied. Content could range from sport to soap opera, from documentaries to newspaper articles . . . . . but the consumer’s primary motivation is amusement; to be stimulated and enjoy the experience
  2. Information; whether the content be educational or practical (traffic or weather reports), the basic motivation is driven by necessity.
  3. Prestige; with the advent of social media (particularly mobile) content has become a form of social prestige, and sharing the same a means to derive prestige. There is considerable research on the subject ; suffice it to confirm that the act of sharing is not simply altruistic, it generates benefits (social and other) to the emitter.
  4. Incentive; if you pay them, reward them, promise that they’ll meet Katie Perry, or Leo Messi . . . . . (or neither)

We’ll ensure the right mix for your brand.

Reputation and crisis management

Reputation is not intangible; brand which communicate regularly, are perceived to be transparent and ethically responsible enjoy multiple benefits from reduced costs of recruitment and capital, to lower incidence of litigation and lower staff/client attrition.  Don’t just take my word for it:

This is the basis of crisis management, it’s no longer (only) the informed and objective who define public opinion, particularly in the event of a crisis. We help brand navigate these terrains

Media and social media monitoring

Not just analytics, but meaning. Who is speaking, is it factually accurate, who is propagating, should we care…?  This is the essence of real social media monitoring; what does the World care about, what are they talking about (it may not be your brand); and how do we make them care?

Event creation and support

We’ll find 101 ways to tell your story; and if there is a physical event, we’ll ensure that it’s about your audience, and that it’s propagated across every social and traditional media possible.  We love events, but we don’t confuse them with the story.  The former is always, only a manner to share the latter.

Sentiment evaluation and analysis

Once again, we’ll never share just a dashboard.  We’ll tell you what it means; should you be worried or jump for joy?  Analytics without experienced., human interpretation offer little value, particularly in the world of public relations defined, as it is, by nuance, ambiguity and contradictions.  We’ll tell you what the dashboard means, and what you should do . . . . you may not always agree with us, but we’ll always come equipped with an opinion, and not one defined only by the numbers.

Commercial and colloquial translations

We do both – from legal transcripts to subtitles; from brochures to voice-overs.  We understand compliance, but also local nuance; we’ll always ensure that your message is conveyed, just as you intended.

Indicative primary research (surveys and reports)

Primary data I a great way to validate a story. But beware of overdosing on it; yes, we have an opinion on this also!   We’ve built an exclusive ‘indicative’ research methodology to illustrate storylines.  Such research findings can be considered as ‘indicative’ of any particular story we are trying to convey and, if supported by suitable third party/desk research and client data/quotes, be developed into a very compelling narrative.

Since today’s media thrives on data, trends and infographics, we recommend presenting the findings of the survey in an interactive and interesting format. Such surveys can fuel campaigns for months (or years).

Public affairs and government relations

Every four to five years, even the most inscrutable regulator or public decision-maker will have to face his/her voters and be accountable for the decisions they’ve made!  Audience-based programming is a great way to focus attention on such considerations.  We find the intersection between constituents’, public officials’ and politicians’ agendas and try and create value for all.

Virtual Services

Virtual press conferences, product launches, employee ‘town halls’

  • Scripting, hosting, editing and issuing soundbites and other content
  • Promoting events
  • Event follow up and feedback
  • Packaging content post event

‘Unboxing’, product demonstration videos

  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Packaging content for future use

Broadcast PPO

  • Identifying opportunities to participate on the news of the day
  • Generating supporting visual/audio content (video footage, interviews, data points) to support news programming
  • Training and preparing spokespeople

Video content

  • Executive profiling (soundbites), customer reviews, site/production footage etc
  • Scripting, filming, editing
  • Propagation

Virtual quarterly results announcements

  • Virtual platform
  • Attendee invitation and follow up
  • Spokesperson preparation/messaging
  • Attendee follow up and feedback

Online research and reports

  • Surveys around everything from consumer trends and attitudes, to product awareness and market testing
  • Report development incorporating the above primary data, together with secondary sources
  • Insight/narrative development based on the above

Branded Content

We develop a range of content to engage audiences and enabling them to connect to the brand – in many cases for the first time. Our branded content focuses on the audiences; their interests and priorities, and then embedding the brand or product into the storyline.

We use our technique of audience-based programming to develop compelling, shareable storylines that are propagated across a range of content from text to video. Much of our branded content is participative, enabling audiences to get involved, share an opinion, or simply express themselves.’

Our Branded Content is highly measurable; we use analytics to track performance, return, audience engagement; and refine the content strategy accordingly.

These principles underpin our Branded Content offering which includes:

  • Creative content
  • Video
  • Social media campaings
  • Long form text
  • Short films
  • Images
  • Merchandise
  • Experentials
  • Etc.
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