Ideas inspire. Communication transforms.

LatAm Intersect PR offers consulting and develops multiplatform content production to transform your story into communications that drive response. We produce a range of digital content from creative videos and infographics, to podcasts, e-books.

In today’s marketplace, consumers are experts and proactively look for brands and companies that can offer help and which they can identify with. They navigate the sales funnel before contacting a brand or salesperson and spend a lot of time researching before buying. As a response, brands are creating pieces of information to attract, inform and captivate their audiences while – at the same time – promoting their product or service.

Social media; such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; and Instagram, are becoming increasingly important for promoting businesses and their relationships with various audiences. This is why the demand for the production of content capable of fueling these networks and engaging direct with their customers is increasing exponentially.

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LatAm Intersect PR specializes in storytelling, theme content, alternative formats and language counsel, as well as general content development. For audiovisual material, our team also prepares scripts, performs image capture, editing and finishing.

From the start to finish of each project, we recommend the best strategies to leverage your campaign, event, presentations etc. Our team has know-how to guide the use of the most suitable platforms for your audience.

We also have a team of journalists with solid experience to moderate debates and record interviews.

Content – Format – Language

Creative audiovisual content is one of the best communication strategies because it is engaging and easy to consume.

Each company has a target customer profile and a communication format that best fits their communication strategy. LatAm Intersect PR offers analysis and recommendation of the best approach according to the objectives and the response type that the company wants to achieve.

Each piece to be created demands a different investment, especially in relation to the time of completion, be it textual or audiovisual content. Even before producing it, we need to consider issues such as: theme, keyword, tone of voice, elaboration of the pitch, deciding about the diversified formats etc.

LatAm Intersect PR offers and develops:


Branded Content

Branded Content is about finding stories and telling them in ways that convey the brand personality. It’s about influencing the perception about your brand.

Branded Content creates connections to directly promote a brand or product through a story that delivers personalized native content that is aligned and integrated with your editorial line. It’s an integrated experience with high quality engagement because it’s shared across brand channels and interacts with the consumer journey.

To promote Branded Content, customers choose specific sites or user communities with similar ideas because they know what their audience reads and respects the authority of those sites. This space is bought and negotiated by size, location and media – like an advertising campaign.

But the concept behind Branded Content is the content reliability. It is not seen as an advertisement, but as facts related to a product developed in a journalistic way, corresponding in function and form to the platform in which they appear.

While traditional marketing and advertising focus on informing customers about a brand’s unique benefits, features, and selling points, the Branded Content takes a different approach because it brings relevant information that generates identification with your audience.

Branded Content is a mix of marketing, storytelling and connectivity that addresses consumers on an emotional and personal level. A way to engage your customers by creating relationships through emotion and entertainment.

The challenge will always be to ensure that your content is typically relevant, educational, and in line with the needs of the public, because consumers want more from companies than just products and services, they want to know that they care about them, their goals, dreams and lives.

You can also use social media strategies with content designed for sharing, news sites, and print articles such in newspapers and magazines.


Creative Institutional video

Great choice to explain your company’s mission, vision and values, as well as the essence that your brand embraces.

Institutional videos contain shoots of the company’s routine, highlighting products or services, and information about the business.

It’s a widely used format for presentation and engagement meetings, but it can also be used for social networking, events, and be hosted on the company’s website.

LatAm Intersect PR adopts storytelling to make institutional videos because we believe that they help break the monotony and generate emotions. It’s a great way to get out of the traditional and think of creative ways to work this format.


YouTube Content

YouTube is a consolidated and easy-to-store platform. LatAm Intersect PR recommends its use for two main formats: interviews / talk shows.

An interview video gives us the possibility to work with various formats, but with one factor in common: building trust with the viewer.

Interviews can be produced in a question and answer format or in a talk show style. They can be done with your team, partners or specialists in the field of your business.

The focus must be on the interest of your audience to be assertive and effective.



Vlog are by far one of the most popular types of video. After all, the biggest youtubers in the world are vloggers. They show their daily life as a video diary, recording trips, events or even their routine.

Personal style can easily be adapted to the routine of your company and your employees.

People are increasingly connected to the social marketing strategies that companies present and tend to become fans of the brands they identify with.


Web Series and Pills

Getting people’s attention is no longer so simple, after all, we are bombarded by a huge amount of content all the time. Betting on storytelling, in a series format, is a strategy to continually impact your audience with material of interest to them and also to create synergy with them.

The web series is the perfect format to convey this feeling. The strategy for this format is to engage, impact and use the narrative designed to make people feel connected to the story and hence the brand.

Webseries come from the viewer’s need to consume content to be watched casually while waiting in line at a bank or at work break. Therefore, web series episodes should be between 3 and 5 minutes long, keeping the message concise and appropriated to its context.

The ease and affordability of online distribution makes the web series a format with opportunities for the most diverse niches. The certainty that a new episode will come increases expectation and engagement with the brand.



Mobile phone in hand and content in the ear. Entertainment and information like this has never been so fashionable. It is the rediscovery of audio. We can say that the main purpose of the podcast is to share content, simple as that!

The creation of podcasts has skyrocketed in recent years and has attracted more listeners, fans and supporters. They are radio programs, but recorded and produced on demand for the internet. It is very practical and engaging because it can be heard at any time of the day, even at times when the listener is performing any other activity.

The podcast represents a great opportunity for communication, as its purpose is to bring more information to the public in order to educate them about your sector, products, brand. We know how important it is to bring this kind of information to your audience, which is increasingly empowered with the internet and technology.

Its format greatly favors the spread of news related to any market and any theme. Content can be leveraged in different formats such as one-on-one interviews, a roundtable discussion, a newsletter, a panel / debate.

Its elaboration is simple and practical. And LatAm Intersect PR helps you choose the themes, the format of the episodes, and offers recommendations for hosting the content, because in addition to the audio platforms, podcast aggregators are available – in this case it’s possible listen to podcasts on computer or smartphone and keep track of episode releases automatically.

There are several ways to boost the reach of the podcast, and LatAm Intersect PR guides the client to be effective by leveraging the customer base and leads who already know the business, or by creating their own Landing Page.



Many companies have an important trajectory for society and their sector. Telling these stories is always an opportunity to record your legacy.

The books we design are typically for distribution to customers or stakeholders of interest to the brand.

Made by journalists and content developer specialists, we deliver storytelling materials for the company, its founders, or topics related to its products and services.

LatAm Intersect PR has been developing literary projects from its inception, through elaboration and printing management.



For budget evaluation, each project should be discussed and planned according to the client’s needs and after the elaboration of a communication plan integrated to the company’s interests.

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