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the narrative

We also ensure that such ‘audience-based PR narratives’ are properly ‘stretched’ across digital and social channels. To this end, we develop compelling, relevant content, targeted and followed up with appropriate influencers.

LatAm Intersect PR’s approach is based on storytelling; the ability to take approved campaigns and content and repurpose the style/format to maximize engagement. Over the long term, this approach generates longevity and return across key non-media audiences.

LatAm Intersect PR is uniquely equipped to implement such ‘digital stretches’ to deliver:

  • Content; research, copywriting, content preparation based on approved materials and messaging
  • Influencer relations; identifying and nurturing relationships with key influencers covering key target groups (tbc, such as working women, entrepreneurs, students, millennials etc). Such communities and individuals should be mapped and validated through monitoring and the use of analytical tools; relationships should be direct (meetings) as well as online; these contacts should be developed and nurtured.
  • Daily tracking and opportunity mapping; ultimately, 80% of the content on digital will be sourced from third parties (events, news, reports, research, surveys, data points, quotes, photo captions etc. all current and sourced from the public domain, and all of which complement the current PR campaign.
  • Clients are associated with such content via links, hashtags, references, forwards, likes etc and then anchored back to relevant owned content (white papers, competitions, other material). The anchor approach would cover:
    • Hashtags
    • Owned content (bylines, Infographics, releases etc on Web site)
    • Earned content (to articles published on the same, featuring the client)
    • Calls to action (discounts, survey responses, attendance at events etc)

The ‘performance’ of each anchor can then be assessed on a quarterly/monthly basis in terms of responses, likes, views etc.

  • This approach will build relevance for the traditional campaign’s news of the day; teams must be able to identify, assess, validate the appropriateness and map it to relevant PR stories in real time.
  • Community management for named Twitter/Facebook sites; following the same approach
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