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7 Golden Rules of the


Editorial is the route to increment ; the discipline of enabling brands to participate in other people’s stories is the best platform to sell more services


Small data insights (observations, anecdotes, published data, quotes, genuine/passionate content experts (NOT celebrities)) are more accessible and more compelling than commissioned research to support stories. The age of client-commissioned research endorsing their point of view is fading fast.


It’s all about the Long Tail: every strategy is only as powerful as the daily routines into which it can be distilled. Strategy without a Long Tail is simply ornamental.


Reverse fit insights; everyone does it – from economists to religious sects – find data points to prove your insight/approach, every day. And remind the client constantly. All news, results and events should be presented within the context of these insights; in the end, the World will consider them absolute (à la McKinsey).


Learning from ATL (above the line/advertising); the world of advertising can teach PR a lot about aesthetics (content can always look beautiful), research (they own the data), and process (from planners to creatives everyone knows their role).


Go beyond ATL; but PR remains primordial – it is real time and flexible, it is not limited to campaign peaks, great editorial can beat ad blockers, and it is conversational (not monologue)


Client service requires rational and emotional intelligence; doing the deliverables won’t save an account, neither will getting on with the client. Both are required . . . every day.

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