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Public Relation Proactive methodology in Latin America

The implementation of a genuinely Proactive Press Offices (PPO) is a distinct, non-negotiable bedrock for our services across the region. In fact, it is the foundation of the entire client relationship. It represents the institutionalization of a practice of being ‘ahead’ of the media, of anticipating their needs, flagging risks and opportunities to the client and – more importantly – fully exploiting the same, every day.

“Famous for 15 mins
…. Between 9am and 9:15am …”

The Daily Proactive Thinking

Like all belief systems, the practice of daily proactive thinking can be initiated through the practice of specific daily rituals – including tracking the media between 9-9:15 am, identifying risks and opportunities, beating the client to the news of the day.

An agency’s ability to interpret the world for our clients, to always approach the latter with a point of view, an actionable insight, a recommendation, and an opinion on what certain developments can mean for a brand . . . every, single day – will set it apart.

Your Daily Dose
Specific behaviours and deliverables that LatAm Intersect delivers on a daily basis include:
  • Proactivity anticipating issues, providing client ‘intelligence’ (actionable insights, as opposed to non-prescriptive ‘intelligence’)
  • Integration; from traditional to digital and vice versa, on an intuitive, daily basis
  • Operational excellence; repeatable actions codified to enable attention to be directed towards more strategic issues and opportunities
Announcement management, content, media relations, logistics
Forward feature
tracking and follow up
Competitive tracking
and follow up
Industry tracking and follow up
proactive pitching

Our PPO process is defined by and based on two insights:

the modern pr firm
The nature of in-house roles makes it increasingly difficult for PR managers, CCOs and CMOs to see the World in a genuinely objective, intelligent manner; communications professionals are dominated and pressured by their internal clients (from sales teams to the C suite etc.), whose consideration for the wider World is limited to their particular offering. A modern PR firm should mitigate the above environment and provide clients with objective, informed, actionable insights on the World; whether these relate to media opportunities or beyond.
news is decreasing

‘News’ is decreasingly defined by brands and increasingly by consumers acting individually or collectively. Today, a brand’s potential to set and own the media agenda is practically zero, its only chance of engagement is to form a part of other people’s stories (the so-called Big Circle, as described here), the agency’s role being to identify relevant conversations, assess the risk/opportunity for each and propose a strategy to engage the same on behalf of the brand.

ppo is a daily process

PPO, therefore, is a daily process that underpins a deeper truth: agencies should be interpreting the World for their clients. In a media environment defined by (traditional) media consolidation and a digital environment dominated by ad blockers, a brand’s ability to identify and become a part of other people’s stories will set them apart. In effect, PR firms are becoming ‘news brokers’ ; what will set the good ones apart is their ability to anticipate, identify in real time and respond to the news of the day; just like financial brokers, before the competition.

Your agency may recognize the above. They may, even, be implementing it on an ad-hoc basis. With LatAm Intersect it’s a genuine belief system – proactivity every day is part of who we are.

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