Our best bet for attention and engagement – especially amongst the youth – is to become a part of other people’s stories.

The promise of such an approach, is that once access is secured, audiences will remain open to your brand proposition and messaging; as long as they believe that the content is about them. They offer a consistent, safe terrain for a brand to maintain engagement; irrespective of business activity.

Ensuring relevance to an increasingly expanded audience, mitigate risks associated with a limited influencer pool, by extending the media relevance.

The combination of storylines and consistent deployment enables the brand to own a topic across traditional/online media as well as, potentially, social media and organic search. If built and implemented carefully, such storylines also offer the potential to ‘own’ any idea (a conversation, a topic, and insight) entirely organically on Google search.

Such storylines do not require the brand name to be referenced in the search itself, but represent a large, safe terrain for the brand to engage and build relationships. This process is based on a technique developed by LatAm Intersect PR. which defines the nature and name of the ‘narrative’ (storyline) to ensure relevance and propagation.

It also covers the systematic deployment of the narrative across all platforms, in a purely organic (earned) manner.

As the protagonist not the brand, great stories for and are about people, not products or organisations
The brand must associate with the audience through and in the story.
The story must contain an element of debate or discussion, great stories are not platitudes
The story must be capable of being told and re-told with relevance and meaning over a sustained period (at least 12 months)
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