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For Latin America’s thought leaders
Creating long-term value beyond great products and companies

To stand out in our era of digital conversations, today’s business leaders need to share exceptionally unique insights about what’s currently happening in their industry and why.

But the most impactful leaders set themselves apart, defined as thought leaders, existing at the top of our minds.

With their deep industry knowledge and extensive experience, thought leaders influence the direction of their industry, shaping tomorrow’s predictions.

But not all words are created equal.

Thinking something and communicating it are two distinct disciplines.

Moreover, thinking something in one language and communicating it in another language to another culture require time, something business leaders are always in limited supply of.

Elevate your thought leadership with our Latin America-based experts who ensure your ideas are accurately conveyed. Our deep regional understanding and cultural insights help create stronger connections with your audience locally, regionally, and globally.

Our experience in the region
La República, Colombia.
iProUP, Brasil.
Forbes, Centroamérica.
Federico de Simoni
Executive Speaker and Former Chief Commercial Office

LatAm Intersect PR has proved an invaluable partner in developing thought leadership not just regarding my companies, but also for me as a professional. They combine market and media knowledge with an unmatched talent for storytelling. The resulting content has enabled me to connect with a new generation of decision makers, collaborators and potential clients

How do we do it?

Thought Intersect is a content development service for business leaders to help them capture and document their thoughts and insights, providing them with valuable content that can be used freely, saving them and their team time.

Our experienced team of writers and researchers will help develop pure, concrete content that encapsulates and conveys the business leader’s ideas through a customized strategy and a unique narrative.

Using the ideas and inspiration shared, our team will deliver:
  • Supporting data
  • Copywriting
  • Accompanying images/graphics
All the material produced by Thought Intersect is designed for business leaders to use across all possible communication means such as:
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Speeches and Town Hall addresses
  • PR
  • Other social media

This is not a social media management service; this is a content development service – to capture and document your thoughts and insights. 

The best ingredient for this recipe is your experience, share your thoughts with us and we’ll do the magic.

    Our team specialized in Thought Leadership
    Claudia Daré
    Managing Partner
    Claudia, recognized as one of PRovoke 25 America's Innovators Professionals, a member of the Ernst & Young Winning Women Brazil Class of 2023, PR News Top Women, and named Woman Professional PR of the Year 2022 by Sabre Awards and Davos Awards, is a specialist in strategic planning and cross-border coordination, boasting over 30 years of experience in journalism, public relations, and communication.
    Roger Darashah Founding Partner of LatAm Intersect PR Public Relations Agency in Latin AmericaRoger Darashah Founding Partner of LatAm Intersect PR Public Relations Agency in Latin America
    Roger Darashah
    Managing Partner
    Named Best Regional Leader by WFCA, Roger Darashah boasts three decades of experience in international communications, having assumed pivotal roles from cities including London, Paris, Barcelona, São Paulo, and Mumbai.

    His work and teams have secured numerous industry recognitions including Sabre Awards in 2021, 2022, and 2023, PR Week Awards in 2021 and 2023, Jatobá Awards in 2021 and 2022, Davos Awards in 2022, PR News accolades in 2022 and 2023 and PR News Digital Awards in 2023.

    Andrea Méndez
    Thought intersect Lead and Central America and the Caribbean Coordinator
    With more than 10 years of experience in strategic communication, from journalism, public relations to social media, Andrea has worked in press, television, public relations agencies and digital marketing companies.

    At Latam Intersect PR, Andrea is in charge of the Thought Intersect area and also is the Coordinator for Central America and the Caribbean.

    Jack Arnhold
    Copywriter and Creative Content Producer
    Jack makes up the core of Latam Intersect’s content creation. He is an expert in creating engaging and stimulating copy that carefully matches a brand or company’s tone, maintaining the reader's full attention.

    He is a native English writer with ten years of experience teaching English to a wide range of learners, from school children to scientists, doctors, and filmmakers.

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