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Bora Testar – social responsability

What is it?

The Bora Testar campaign was developed by Latam Intersect PR in partnership with Outdoor Social and Alchemy Strategy in order to mapping the impact of the pandemic in vulnerable territories with adverse social conditions, precarious housing, with difficult access to health and to sanitation.

The challenge

Carry out Covid-19 diagnostic tests to the 10 largest Brazilian favelas that make up the “G10 of Favelas”. In addition, make the population aware of the importance of carrying out the examination and the real risks and impacts of the pandemic. Develop communication strategies to raise funds and buy tests and implement the logistics of its application in these vulnerable and often hard-to-reach areas.

Action plan

We divided the plan into three pillars:

  • Collecting information: through an online platform, we carried out a survey to generate data on the impact of the pandemic, give visibility to the project and bring, through the press and social networks, public authorities’ attention to the problems arising from the coronavirus pandemic in the territories vulnerable in the country.
  • To make the testing possible, the project depended on donations from individuals and companies. For that we needed to engage influencers and celebrities with a history of social struggle to generate visibility for the project. For this, we created a kit with a T-shirt, mask and a card with the Bora Testar logo to be used in stories or posts on social networks.
  • DJ Mam, our partner and artist involved in international social projects in defense of the Amazon and indigenous peoples, helped us to organize 2 live shows to increase the visibility of the campaign and attract more donations to the project. The first live show was held at Zoom Meetings only for guests involved in the project: favela´s leaders, artists and some other professionals. The second was a special show with the participation of one of the greatest Brazilian artists, the singer and composer Gilberto Gil, and over 70 artists, many representatives from the favelas covered, that honored the indigenous population, who also live in vulnerable territories, often abandoned by the government.


In the press, Bora Testar was featured for an entire day on the broadcaster with the highest audience in Brazil: TV Globo. The campaign appeared from 7 am, on Bom Dia Brasil, until 10 pm, on Jornal Nacional, the most popular news show, impacting more than 20 million people every night. TV Jovem Pan, TV Cultura, TV Record, CNN and Globo News also reported the project, as well as the main print and online media, such as R7, Catraca Livre and UOL. Among the international results, we highlight The Washington Post, The Telegraph and The Guardian. The show had more than 50 thousand views on the day of the presentation, impacted around 10 million people and raised R$ 40 thousand. On social networks, names such as Luciano Huck, who has nearly 20 million followers, and Sabrina Sato, with more than 28 million, posted about the Bora Testar campaign. The project’s social networks grew 50% during this period and we received donations that helped with the purchase of tests and with the logistics of fieldwork. We visited favelas in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and São Luís do Maranhão. The survey identified some risky attitudes to combat Covid-19: people that ignore the use of masks and precarious sanitation, which prevents proper hygiene, one of the ways to prevent the disease, in addition to the high rate of unemployment.

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