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Remote work beyond conventional platforms

Remote work beyond conventional platforms

– *By Pamela Alexandre, COO at Latam Intersect PR

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since the start of the pandemic, it’s that geographical distances no longer represent a barrier to the evolution of companies and their teams. These new ways of communicating with each other that we’ve discovered over the past three years aren’t going anywhere; indeed, they are continuing to evolve at an unprecedented pace. The arrival of the pandemic has instead meant that we’ve been able to develop new solutions that can shorten, if not obliterate, the spatial distances originally caused by health restrictions, and in turn generate completely new forms of interaction and collaboration.

The metaverse is one such example that has emerged as a viable contender during this period and which we believe has the potential to transform diverse areas of our economy as part of a virtual revolution in the way we relate and work together.

Even though we have mitigated the worst of the pandemic, the knock-on effects have radically altered the future direction of our economy, our relationships and all other areas of society. Yes, there are still many challenges in terms of adapting our infrastructure, changing our behavior and recognising new paradigms, but the truth is that we are experiencing a transition just like at the emergence of web 2.0 in the late nineties. Web3, the metaverse and Artificial Intelligence will follow this path of evolution that goes through a familiar phase of trial and error, testing and adaptation.

When we think about the future of work, for example, we still have many challenges to overcome. The pandemic has revealed that remote work can be not only desirable but a practical necessity. Remote work has also allowed us to usher in a new era of self-responsibility, leadership based on trust and the focus on delivering results versus the culture of presenteeism, and top down leadership.

As a Public Relations agency practically native to the pandemic and with a team spread throughout Latin America, Latam Intersect PR encourages a work culture in which autonomy, self-management and high performance within a completely remote system are part of our DNA. Our constant challenge is to continue attracting and developing talented people in a collaborative, diverse, multicultural environment where geographic barriers are no longer an obstacle. And all this experience has brought exponential results to our business.

After the opening of an Events Center in the metaverse, which has already hosted conferences and photo exhibitions with guests from different parts of the world, showing that the physical and digital universes tend to mix in an increasingly successful and interactive way, we also inaugurated our office in this space and with well-defined objectives: to propose new forms of interaction and collaboration with the team and to encourage the pioneering exploration of this technology that promises a very interesting and exciting path ahead.

As a company operating in this model, we believe we have the authority to state that virtual work goes beyond meeting rooms on conventional platforms. The metaverse has enormous potential to definitively transform the world of work, in addition to addressing environmental issues, as we can also reduce pollutant emissions and consumption of energy and other resources by giving up physical facilities. It is not only a major potential contributor to the future of work, but also a new form of work that can ensure the future health of our planet.


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