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Vanessa Matthews

Vanessa is a specialist in content development; finding compelling and alternative ways to convey ideas, deliver messages, and generate engagement. Her career commenced as a policy analyst within a number of international organisations and think tanks including Interpol and The European Policy Centre, after which she moved into the travel hospitality and retail sector focusing on customer experience. She also founded the platform The Word of Mouth to establish networks and communities for people living in large cities looking to complete their digital existence with an authentic community connection. Vanessa’s personal and professional background is genuinely global. She has worked across multiple continents – including Europe, Australia and Asia – and still remains curious about the places she has yet to visit. She is a native English copywriter with a proven global outlook. She’s into everything about mind and mind and behaviour, as well as the physical. She’s a qualified personal trainer and loves craftsmanship. So, she tries and look at life – and work – from as many sides as possible.  

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