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Technology Banking

What is it?

Temenos is a Swiss company that develops software for the digital transformation of the banking sector and serves more than 3,000 banks in the world, including 41 of the top 50.

The challenge

We had to present the power and scope of the brand, the solutions offered and show partnerships throughout Latin America.

Action Plan

We had a clear objective and we decided to focus our campaign on Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Our team created the “Virtual Cafe”, a slightly less formal way of holding press conferences for journalists from Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. In order for the event to work as planned, we sent breakfast baskets to guests’ homes. We created a narrative to base our stories on, adopting the image of the bank of the future: more dynamic, more digital and more connected. ‘Tie-less’ banking, a concept that generated considerable feedback in the press, through the results of research carried out by our intelligence unit, and systematically propagated by spokespersons. Temenos now owns the ‘Tie-less’ concept:for a sector that is less formal, more dynamic, more digital, more agile.


The ‘Tie-less’ concept started appearing in all Temenos reports and we obtained results in the main media in all countries where we undertook and propagated the research. The numbers prove the effectiveness of the actions: there were dozens of interviews with important publications in the target countries. In Valor Econômico (Brazil), one of the most respected publications on economics and business, there were 3 reports, two in the journal and one online. And there are more: Temenos was a topic at Forbes (Mexico), Business Empresarial and Gestión (Peru), Valora Analytica (Colombia), El Dinero (República Dominicana) and Summa (Costa Rica), in addition to more than 100 publications in selected technology, business and economic media. Each press conference held an average of 15 journalists per country with immediate results in the dissemination of content, including TI Inside, Yahoo Finanças, Valor Econômico and Exame (Brazil), among many others of Tier 1 in each country where the research was disseminated.

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