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Claudia Dare
Ana María Campos
Leader in Peru

Graduated in Communication Sciences, Ana María has been working for more than 10 years with corporate communication for companies in different sectors. Specialized in press management, public relations and event organization, she coordinates projects for LatAm Intersect PR clients in Peru. Based in Lima, Peru, Ana Maria has experience in various sectors such as mining, transportation, gastronomy, construction, tourism, among others. Outside of work, she dedicates herself completely to her family. She’s convinced that it’s the best and largest investment. Well-formed children, who learn in the family nucleus values such as truth, respect, responsibility, solidarity, sincerity, among others, will make them better people and better professionals, which is what society needs. With them, she also enjoys what she likes the most: singing and dancing. She also tries to be aware to help someone in need, sometimes not necessarily with actions, but just listening, people need so much to be heard. For her, it is important that the family and friends know that they can count on someone.

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