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From Trends to Triumph: Unveiling the Secrets of Social Media Marketing Success

From Trends to Triumph: Unveiling the Secrets of Social Media Marketing Success

– By Yessica Rosey, Social Media Specialist, LatAm Intersect PR

We’ve all lived through different stages of change, from seeing Blockbuster disappear, then CDs, to no longer starting our search for a new job by looking in the local newspaper. More recently, social media arrived in our lives, and it has proven to be not just a passing fad, but an enduring and integral part of our daily lives. 

Let’s explore the world of social media platforms in terms that almost everyone can understand: coffee! Facebook is like sitting down for a coffee and catching-up with friends, sharing your latest stories and news. Instagram is all about capturing that perfect aesthetic moment in a stylish café, and sharing it with the world. Twitter is a lively discussion about the best cafés in your town, with a quickfire exchange of recommendations and opinions. LinkedIn is about connecting with talented baristas who can help you recreate the taste and magic of your favorite city’s coffee scene. While TikTok whisks you through a step-by-step guide on preparing that newly trending cup of coffee at home, and YouTube serves up comprehensive tutorials to help you become a master barista yourself.

If you’re still unsure about the significance of social media platforms and why you, your business, brand, or agency should be active on them, let’s explore the secrets behind social media success.

Each social media platform operates on its own algorithm: While you might come across similar content across platforms, it’s important to note that not all employ a deliberate marketing strategy. Understanding the differences in user demographics and objectives is crucial. For instance, notice that your high school nieces and nephews are not on LinkedIn building their careers or searching for jobs, but your best friend from university is. Meanwhile, Instagram is the platform most people use for sharing travel experiences, while Facebook remains popular for connecting with old friends or family members.  

Social media is key to increasing visibility and reaching your target audience with your core message. Can you reach your target audience with that key message you want to share? That might be so, but you must also consider which social media platforms will work for you. If your strategy is to target B2B, LinkedIn will be your best ally. But what if your brand is about beauty and style? Then Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok will prove much more effective.

Instagram and storytelling: According to the latest report by marketing4ecommerce, Instagram has over 2 billion users worldwide. It is the platform where most people make purchasing decisions. With its algorithm supporting direct purchases, it’s important to not only concentrate on selling but also on storytelling. Building trust in your brand and showing genuine care for your audience are crucial elements. Share the story behind your product, understand your audience’s needs, offer solutions, strengthen your brand reputation, and provide a clear call to action.

TikTok: “TikTok made me buy it. User20946 shared this video with you.” Whether you are on TikTok or not, you have probably heard this, and maybe you’re not a content creator, but you need to be careful or your brand will be left behind. But does it really work? The latest data from Puromarketing shows that the average TikTok user spends over 96 minutes on this social media platform. How is that possible? Because TikTok is entertaining, easy to consume, and seamlessly connected to making purchases. I remember its popularity increased during the pandemic. Also, two super popular products that I bought through this platform were a brush and a famous mascara, and yes, they worked incredibly well as shown in the trends. But be careful, there’s also an algorithm, and I recommend creating a good strategy with clear objectives to succeed there, with a focus on being part of the trends.

Twitter: Twitter, with its distinct tone, offers free advertising opportunities for companies.. Lately, my city has been filled with earthquakes and fake news, but if it’s a trending topic on Twitter, it’s happening and it’s real. This social media platform creates more interaction through threads or contests created by companies. The most successful and longest-running film franchise in history, Fast and Furious, engaged with various media outlets to determine who was their biggest fan by having users answer questions for a chance to attend the premiere. It managed to stay as a trending topic, #fastandfurious, and of course, we’re all curious and want to know what they’re talking about.

Koo: If you want to join trending hashtags and connect with the world, this app is ideal for taking your audience to another level. You can start creating your own trend if you’re into going beyond and betting on what’s new and innovative, but above all, to skip that fake news.

Facebook: Facebook requires a deeper understanding of your brand’s objectives. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales, knowing your target audience’s demographics, interests, and preferences is vital. The secret to success on Facebook lies in the 80/20 rule: 80% of your content should provide value, educate, entertain, or engage your audience, while the remaining 20% focuses on promoting your products or services. Interacting with your audience and utilizing targeted ads are essential strategies.

YouTube: Being part of this social media platform means being part of something called SEO, ring a bell? We can talk about that later, but for now, keep it in mind, along with keywords to help you rank first in searches. Here, you need to establish your channel, ensure your videos are of the best quality, while creative thumbnails and titles will be your guiding force.

​​Building a successful YouTube presence involves establishing your channel, creating high-quality videos, and crafting compelling thumbnails and titles. Remember, YouTube requires patience, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Lastly, integrating benchmarking and measurable metrics into your social media plan is essential for achieving your objectives. Be original, honest, and avoid copying your competitors. Strive for improvement, maintain consistency, target your audience effectively, explore influencer marketing, don’t shy away from paid media, and, most importantly, stay on top of trends or even better, set trends yourself.

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