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Claudia Daré and Roger Darashah found LatAm Intersect PR

Claudia Daré and Roger Darashah joined to launch, in Brazil, with coverage for all Latin America, Latin Intersect PR, which will act primarily with image consulting, development of communication and public relations strategies and plans for organizations from all over the world. the continent.

Cláudia and Roger met in 2015 at Edelman, an opportunity where they developed projects for Latin America. She had just returned from Mexico and the United States, having worked there as an employee of Época e Valor Econômico, and he, an Englishman, had just arrived from London, where he was deputy administrative director of Europe, to occupy the position of global director of Technology and International Business in Brazil.

Roger spent time in Paris, where he led the Hotwire office, and London, managing European programs through Weber Shandwick. And Claudia left Edelman on her way to Sherlock Communications, there structuring the network and launching the agency in the Latin American market. The two decided to combine knowledge of the region and experience to work on the continent with their own methodology and beliefs. “We know the region well and we have established ourselves with senior professionals to work in Latin America, from the Caribbean and Central America to Argentina, through the main economies, including Brazil”, says Claudia. “And we want to offer our partnership to agencies that do not have this networking in other countries and thus act as a bridge to the region”.

“We believe in an audience-based public relations program, in the engagement that brings people together through stories, no longer with brands and products,” explains Roger, who has published a book on the subject – Unleashing the power of adjacency – and which can be accessed as an e-book on the agency’s website .

Headquartered in São Paulo, Claudia acts as director of the entire operation, while Roger, with other activities in India, where he currently lives, is, for the time being, non-executive founder of the agency.

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