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What is it?

A leading cloud-based data intelligence platform for the hospitality industry, with a suite of revenue management solutions for revenue and distribution decision making.

The challenge

Introduce the company to the Latin American market and make it known in the sector, positioning the brand as the leader in its business in four countries: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, using only press relations.

Action plan

We drew up a strategy with an initial duration of three months of work, we developed content so that the press could talk about the brand and get to know it better. We developed guidelines that brought a discussion about the industry and the importance of organizing and managing the hotel industry through automated intelligence to improve the guest experience and hotelier revenue.


In these three months, 8 interviews were conducted and 54 articles related to the company were published among the countries chosen by the client, reaching an estimated total of more than 10 million readers. Some of the important vehicles where the platform made the news: Panrotas (Brazil), Turismo Super (Colombia) and Hostnews (Argentina). The company was featured in technology magazines such as Technocio (Colombia) and in business newspapers such as El Financiero and Mundo Empresarial (Mexico). In addition to Panregional media such as the prestigious Travel 2 Latam.

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