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Claudia Dare
Letícia Rio Branco
PR Senior and Account Coordinator

Based in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in journalism from Centro Universitário da Cidade with Business Management from PUC, RJ, Leticia has worked in the main media of the country:, Rede Globo, Editora Abril, Editora Globo and as a special reporter for the newspaper O Estado de SP. In communications consultancy, she has assisted clients in technology, health and business areas. With experience in marketing and event production, she created and supervised personalized advertising strategies and for ten years as director for a digital marketing agency, with operations in the United States and Portugal. With experience in developing strategies of communications for clients from different sectors, Leticia is currently coordinator for the clients in Brazil for the technology, business and finance sector, also managing the flow of our client´s campaigns across the region. Writer and screenwriter, Leticia practices yoga and swimming, and likes to enjoy family and friends when she is not working. She also likes trying vegetarian cuisine and, whenever possible, goes to a calm beach to recharge her energy with a good dip in the sea. She participates in social actions and believes in a better world.

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