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Survey: The impact of the pandemic on newsrooms in Latin America

What is it?

A survey conceived and developed by LatAm Intersect PR on the impacts that the pandemic has brought to journalistic work in the main Latin American countries where we operate.

The challenge

Understanding that the pandemic has changed the way we work in different sectors of society, the objective was to use our intelligence tools to research and identify the impact of Covid-19 on newsrooms. With the results, present our clients with a perspective of the new strategies and adaptations of communication to continue developing a collaborative work that meets the needs of dissemination and publication for the corporate communication sector.

Action plan

The survey was carried out with 300 working journalists, through an email questionnaire, using our own database, between July 10th and 15th, 2020, which represents a readership with more than 170 million people among Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Costa Rica. The questions were intended to track the industry’s resilience and evolution during this pandemic period.


It was proven that changes in the way journalists work are a central object in the debate in the communication market. There were 42 publications, 6 interviews, 4 of them for radio stations in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The impact generated was an estimated minimum reach of 2 million people. We participated in several webinars in the public relations and communication sector and cited the survey results for their importance in new relations between companies and the press. Some of the media where the survey appeared: Portal dos Jornalistas, Jornalistas e Cia (Brasil), Revista NEO (México), Mercado Negro e Kronos 365 (Peru), Technocio (Colombia), Rádio Arroba FM (Argentina) and La Vanguardia (Costa Rica).

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