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Latam Intersect PR joins the With Global Alliance Technology PR Network

Latam Intersect PR joins the With Global Alliance Technology PR Network

Latam Intersect PR Joins With Global Alliance as market-exclusive member for Latin America (Spanish-speaking)

Latam Intersect PR today (09/05) announced that it has joined the global tech PR agency network, With Global Alliance as exclusive member for Latin America, covering the entire region (with the exception of Brazil).

With Global Alliance is designed to support technology businesses with expert PR teams across multiple markets; clients benefit from access to local knowledge and expertise, while agency members share best practice, marketing initiatives and other initiatives including professional exchanges.  Agency members are all local market leaders in sectors such as martech, fintech telco, enterprise IT, retail tech, medtech and edtech.

The last two years have seen massive shifts in the socio-economic landscape; decentralized finance is becoming ‘standard’ not only for remittance payments but as a manner to mitigate the effects of inflation, financial inclusion continues at pace, driven, not only banks, but non-banking organizations helping consumers to conduct e-commerce transactions even without a bank account.  Latin America has a young and digitally savvy population, with over 400 million internet users, making it a prime market for businesses looking to connect with younger audiences. Entire new economies are emerging around sectors such as gaming and the shared economy.

These shifts have created huge opportunities for brands to position themselves, make themselves and their products relevant, in many cases, to an entirely new set of audiences.

With Global Alliance is active across five continents and 22 countries: the U.S., Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Recent client successes have included [a French Robotics launch at CES in Las Vegas and expansion of an adtech client from the UK into APAC].

With Global Alliance members work collaboratively on global accounts, providing global strategy, regional insights as well as expert in-country delivery. Expertise in tech, alignment on delivery standards and a unified approach to measuring success allow the independent member agencies to operate as unified, global account teams to clients as they scale their communications across markets.

“We are delighted to join this network of ‘like-minded’ professionals to share experiences and create value.  Recent years have demonstrated that the source of innovation and inspiration isn’t the monopoly of one particular market; we’ve seen massive progress in the use of decentralised finance in Latin America, for instance, which is still not being replicated to the same degree in the US, for instance.  We’ve also seen trends around sectors such as gaming and influencer engagement emerging from Brazil before reaching the rest of the World.  So, we’ve plenty of insights to share as well as learn from other markets. With Global Alliance is a fantastic opportunity to bring such experiences to a wider market,” says Roger Darashah, Co-founder of Latam Intersect PR.

“Our firm is international by nature and design; most of our team members have gained experience from living and working in more than one market, and this background has helped to shape and distinguish the campaigns we develop. Most of our clients are international either by origin or by approach, and expect us to bring thinking and ideas from beyond the region into play. With Global Alliance is the perfect community to support this process,”adds Claudia Daré, Co-founder of Latam Intersect PR.

“The With Global Alliance is all about international collaboration among experts, maximizing the impact of clients around the world. Having LatAm Intersect PR join the alliance gives us extensive additional reach and expertise. With a heavyweight founding team, we know there are exciting times ahead” says Debbie Zaman, Global President of the With Global Alliance

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