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PR Executive – Uruguay

Sabrina has a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad de la República, with over 10 years of experience in press management and public relations. She has worked as an independent professional and collaborated with colleagues on projects related to culture, gender, entrepreneurship, and social development, among others. Specializing in advertising, she began her career at top agencies, which allowed her to gain exposure to different sectors and guide them in their strategic planning processes from the ground up. She is also a professional broadcaster and has been involved in both commercial and government projects. In the past year, she launched herself as an independent consultant, offering communication services with a focus on PR and branding. At Latam Intersect PR, Sabrina serves as the PR Consultant for Uruguay. A lover of photography and cinema, her favorite place in the world is the beach, where she enjoys leisurely walks with her four dogs. Her passion for cooking is another one of her hobbies, as she continually seeks to learn new recipes and explore typical dishes from around the world.

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